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When shopping for providers for your subscription e-commerce, it can be helpful to review other existing solutions in detail and at-a-glance in terms of features and benefits, in order to make an informed decision. Here, we present a list of features for a range of companies using documented information from their websites and forums. We hope this comparison matrix helps you make an informed decision about the e-commerce service provider for your software-as-a-service or subscription web service.

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Global merchant fees included in pricing*

* Due to our being a reseller, merchant fees are included in our pricing.

yes no no no no no

No Monthly Charges

yes no no no no no

VAT Tax Collection & Management

yes Manual Per Country yes no Manual Per Customer no

Prices Automatically Displayed in Foreign Currencies

yes Requires separate site for each currency Additional Purchase + Gateway- dependent no no no

Multicurrency Settlement (10+ currencies)

yes no Depends on Merchant Account no no no

Order Page Automatically Displayed in Local Languages (23)

yes no 10 Languages no no no

PayPal - Integrated*

* No need for separate verified account; integrated accounting; settlement in multi-currencies (10)

yes no no no no no

PCI Compliance

yes yes yes yes yes yes

No Separate PCI Assessment Questionnaire

yes no no no no no

Fraud Prevention

yes no no no no no

Built-In Shopping Cart

yes no no no no no

Google Analytics & AdWords Integration

yes no no no no no

Hosted Subscription Order Pages

yes yes yes no no yes

Branded, Highly Customizable Order Pages

yes no yes yes no yes

Full CSS Control Order Pages

yes no no no no no

Downloadable Product Cross-Sells inc. Licence Mgmt.

yes no no no no no

Subscription API

yes yes yes yes yes yes

Visual Reporting

yes no yes no yes yes

Free Trial Periods

yes yes yes yes yes yes

Refund Management in Administrative UI

yes yes yes Gateway-Dependent no no

Dunning Management / Customized Notifications

yes yes Limited yes Requires own SMTP yes

Future Bill Testing GUI

yes no no no no no

On-Demand Subscriptions

yes yes yes no yes no

Data Exports (GUI)

yes no yes no yes no

Pre-Bill Notifications (Annual Subscriptions)

yes yes no yes yes yes

ACH as Client Payment Option

yes no no no no no

Prepaid Debit Card as Client Payment Option

yes no no no no no

Order & Billing Support for Clients' Customers

yes no no no no no

Reseller/Partner Management / Split Pay

yes no no no no no

User Role Mgmt. & Change Tracking

yes no no no yes no

Support Desk (Ticketing System)

yes no no no Forum yes

Knowledge Base

yes yes yes yes yes yes

Quickbooks Integration

no no yes no no Beta

SEO Consulting

yes no no no no no

Affiliate Program Consulting

yes no no no no no

SEM Consulting

yes no no no no no

Email Campaign Management Integration

yes no yes no no no

In addition to the SaaSy features documented above, there are more SaaSy features & benefits which are unique relative to many other solutions, including the following:

  • 24/7/365 Customer Support with response times typically of
    1-2 hours, but never more than 8 hours
  • Manual Order Management
  • Launch Within a Matter of Days
  • Pre-Launch Testing Environment
  • No Setup Fees
  • No Minimums
  • No Exclusivity
  • Cancel Anytime
  • One-time Purchases in Addition to Recurring Billing
  • Refund Management, including Partial Refunds
  • Membership Management
  • Bundles
  • Discounts—Corporate, Educational and Volume-Based
  • Rich Coupon Functionality
  • Advanced Cross-Sell & Add-On Functionality
  • Online Ad Tracking
  • Reporting, Platform and Order Pages Viewable in Mobile Devices
  • Web Marketing Campaign Management
  • Support for Complex Product Configuration Scenarios
  • Highly Customizable Order Page Layouts
  • Surveys at Point-of-Sale
  • Instant Web-Based Fulfillment
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Chargify is a product of Grasshopper Group, LLC. Recurly is a product of Recurly, Inc. Spreedly is a service of Spreedly, Inc. CheddarGetter is owned by CheddarGetter, LLC. SubscriptionBridge is a product of Early Impact, Inc.